Poster Guidelines

Oral Presentation Guidelines

We are aiming to accommodate all presentations as oral in CANCOM2019.

Author/speaker instructions:

  1. Please make sure you register, if you have not already, by July 9th , 2019 at the latest; the un-registered papers will be removed by the committee from the final program:
  2. Please enter the presenter information of your paper via the following link, by July 10th, 2019:
  3. Please prepare your presentation (as PowerPoint or PDF) for 15 minutes, plus 5 minutes for question/answer period. Presenters may use their own origanization’s template if they wish.
  4. A laptop running PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat will be provided in each session room to make the presentations. If possible, please plan to present using this conference computer rather than your own laptop.
  5. Please meet the session chair and student volunteers in the session room at least 15 minutes before the start of your session. You can upload and preview your presentation file on the laptop available in the session room.
  6. Presentations should focus on technical information and avoid commercialization. For example, please avoid specific comparisons of products from different companies.

Guidelines for Session Chairs

  1. Please be in the assigned room 15 minutes before the session’s start to meet the speakers and to ensure they upload their presentation files on the laptop provided in the room.
  2. Please reconfirm with the speakers the limitation on their presentation time. It is imperative that all presentations start and end within 20 minutes; you may wish to interrupt the presentations that exceed the allocated time.
  3. Please introduce yourself along with your affiliation at the beginning of the session and briefly review the session trend.
  4. For each presentation:
    1. Read biography of the speaker before the presentation (all speaker biographies to be provided to you ahead of time).
    2. Guide the question/answer period.
    3. Thank the speaker.
  1. In the event a presentation is cancelled, please do not change the timing of subsequent speakers (e.g. you may give a short break).
  2. A volunteer will be present in each session room in case of any laptop/projector problems or emergencies.