Poster Guidelines

Poster Presentation Guidelines

The majority of submitted abstracts will be presented as posters. Each poster presenter will have the opportunity to present his/her research in a 2-3 minute flash talk to all participants.

The poster sessions are an essential part of this, and authors of posters have considerably more opportunities for feedback and interaction than do the invited oral presenters. All abstracts will be accepted as posters at this time. We will decide on oral presentations in May, once we have received all submissions.


Poster presentations are hard-copy format only and must fit maximum dimension of 36 inches wide X 40 inches long                   (91.4cm x 101.6cm).

The entire poster layout should be readable from six to ten feet away.

Recommended Font Sizes:

  • Title: 36 point type
  • List of authors: 24 point type
  • Double-spaced text: 20 point type (spacing recommended not mandatory)

The poster should include an abstract, brief introduction, objectives, methods, results (clear explanations for graphs, figures, and tables), conclusions, and references.

The presenter is required to stand by the poster during the scheduled poster session to answer questions from attendees.