Student Paper Competition

The CANCOM2019 conference organizers are excited to announce the Professor Suong V. Hoa Student Paper Award.

The Professor Suong V. Hoa Student Paper Award is valued as follows: 1st Place: $1000, 2nd $500 and 3rd $250.  The award ceremony will take place at the CANCOM19 banquet held at the Mission Hill Winery on the evening of July 24th, 2019.

The competition consists of two rounds – paper and presentation competitions.  A total of up to 8 finalists will be selected based on originality, content, presentation, and language of their papers.  These finalists will give presentations at a special student competition session scheduled on July 24, 2019.  The three award winners will be selected by a panel of judges from industry, academia and government.  We are expecting chief engineers and above from major composites OEMs to be on the judging panel FOR CANCOM2019.

If you wish to participate in the Professor Suong V. Hoa Student Paper Competition, upon acceptance of the abstract, please fill in the form below and send it to the organizer of CANCOM2019 student competition via email below, before the paper (extended) deadline May 15, 2019: The form must be submitted for a paper to be entered in the competition. Furthermore, the first author of the paper must be a student at the time of paper submission.

Submit the complete form to: