Pre-conference Industry 4.0 Workshop

Pre-conference Industry 4.0 Workshop:

You are Invited to attend an introductory theory & hands-on workshop on “Industry 4.0 Principles” as part of the joint CANCOM 2019- INDUSTRY 4.0 School; the workshop to be held on: July 22, 2019; download the full program here.


  Tentative Schedule
9:00 – 10:30 Module 1: Introduction to Smart Manufacturing. This session will introduce basic concepts of Industry 4.0, along with an industrial-scale example on automated preform process of aerospace CFRP components. Innovative control concepts, the collection of sensor data and applied IoT concepts will also be presented. The session will conclude with new ideas on possibilities of networked production systems in advanced composites manufacturing.
10:45– 12:15Module 2: Mixed Reality in Manufacturing, Training, and Service. This session will cover the foundations of what is mixed reality and its growing impact in the world of Industry 4.0. Participants will also be invited to demo "Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides," HoloLens's latest software that transforms any work area into a holographic training experience.
13.15 – 14:45 Module 3: Introduction to Machine Learning in Engineering Applications. This is an introduction to basic methods of machine learning, followed by specific applications of emerging ‘theory-guided machine learning’ to composites processing.
15.00 – 16:00 Module 4: Review of the Manufacturing Processes for Boeing 787 and 777X. This seminar will provide a behind the scenes look at the 787 and 777X from a manufacturing perspective.
Navid Zobeiri
Bryn Crawford
Marian Koerber
Ethan Arnowitz
(User Experience Designer- HoloLens Guides)
Maryam Dastpak
(Program Manager- HoloLens Guides)

Snapshots of the last year’s UBC Annual Industry 4.0 School & Industry Night.